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Hi, I’m Sidney

Consistently busy and lacking the time to make a proper personal webpage

If you have time to sell, that would be very nice, thanks

🕵️‍♀️ Who am I?

Learn about how I got here with this bite-sized story.

Or, get a fuller picture of my journey and my personality with this (slightly) longer article.

🔮 What am I doing at the moment?

I’m currently a front-end engineer at Rowy, where we’re building the future of backend development.

Previously, I worked as a front-end web developer at Antler, a global start-up generator.

I was previously a full-stack developer for 2hats (may it rest in peace).

👨‍💻 Side projects.

So far, I’ve mainly created web apps and more recently, React-based web apps.

You can find my coding projects on GitHub @notsidney.

My biggest side project so far is

💬 Get in touch with me.

Email me at It’s securely hosted on

Or you could email me at

🌏 I am a human on the Internet.

Reach out to me on Twitter @nots_dney. (That’s right, someone had @notsidney already)

Read my writings and ramblings on Medium.